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John Wilson Honored

Eddie & Sarah Johnson




 Eddie & Sarah Johnson's Wedding Picture

Eddie was born July 29, 1861 in Mississippi. Sarah was born February 2, 1878 in Charleston Texas, Delta County. Eddie was seventeen years older than Sarah. They were married January 2, 1898. They had eight children.

1. John W. Johnson, born 9/7/1899. Died 8/1/1900.

2. Mary Viola Johnson, born 3/31/1901. Died 3/16/1923.

3. James Allen Johnson Sr., born 7/25/1903 in Lake Creek, Texas. Died 3/16/1972.

4. Sue Ann Johnson, born 4/1/1905 in Lake Creek. Died 6/24/1935.

5. Wesley Thomas Johnson ‘Wes Tom’ [my father] born March 4, 1808. Died 7/12/1956.

6. Harvena Lee Red Johnson, born 2/24/1910. Died 5/21/2001.

7. Little Brother Johnson, born 9/17/1911. Died 9/17/1911.

8. Naomi Catherine Nancy Johnson, born 12/26/1912. Died 1/1/1988.

Eddie Johnson had an obsession for learning, especially reading, his passion. Even in his wedding picture (above) he is holding a book. One story was that he would even read a book as he rode his horse. He stopped at a pool of water so the horse could drink. It was a hot day and the horse wadded into the water to cool off. Eddie looked up from his book and was supprised to see his clothes wet to his waist.

His desire for higher learning took him to England to get the degrees he wanted as they were not offered in this country at that time. When he returned to America he taught school in Georgia. He later moved to Paris, Texas and taught school there for awhile and later he taught in Delta County.

Eddie Peterson Johnson and Sarah Catherine Wilson married January 2, 1898. Sarah (my grandmother, I called her Granny) had inherited a nice house and two and one half acres from her parents, John and Sarah Wilson. It was about half a mile east of Lake Creek just east of the cotton gin. So, Eddie and Sarah moved into the house. There was a white picket fence around the house. In the early days the house had nice carpet and wallpaper. Eddie had some money and they bought beautiful furniture.

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